Prevention is the only cure to fight with Corona.

Corona virus
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Prevention is the only cure to fight with Corona.

Global data of Corona infected countries are so horrible and scary. More than 3,50,000  people are infected and 17,000 people have lost their life. We need to understand the seriousness of the situation. The epidemic Corona is getting worse day by day. India is still a developing nation in 2020 . We don't have well equipped healthcare system as compared to China, USA & Italy. 

There is a famous saying, " Prevention is better than cure." I would urge that "Prevention is the only cure to fight with Corona at this moment."

The best part about India is that we are in stage two and we can still prevent this virus spreading to stage three which will be a disaster. 
After Janta Curfew people are more aware about the Corona Virus and I strongly urge everyone to follow the guidelines. Wash your hands properly, don't go outside, wear mask if you've cough and cold and consult to the doctor if you have any symptoms of Corona.

Let's fight together .
Let's win together.
Stay at home.
God bless us all.

©Nitish Tiwary.

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  1. आपकी इस प्रविष्टि् की चर्चा कल बुधवार (25-03-2020) को    "नव संवत्सर-2077 की बधाई हो"   (चर्चा अंक -3651)     पर भी होगी। 
    आजकल ब्लॉगों का संक्रमणकाल चल रहा है। ऐसे में चर्चा मंच विगत दस वर्षों से अपने चर्चा धर्म को निभा रहा है।
    आप अन्य सामाजिक साइटों के अतिरिक्त दिल खोलकर दूसरों के ब्लॉगों पर भी अपनी टिप्पणी दीजिए। जिससे कि ब्लॉगों को जीवित रखा जा सके।
    हार्दिक शुभकामनाओं के साथ।
    डॉ.रूपचन्द्र शास्त्री 'मयंक' 

    1. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।


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