High School Love.

High school love

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High School Love.

"Do you've any idea what you are  talking about?" Garima Shouted in frustration.
"Yes, I understand what I'm talking about and this is better for both of us."
Rakesh replied politely.

Garima and Rakesh were childhood friends studied in school together. Now both of them had passed high school and  they were about to enroll in 11th standard. But Rakesh father got transfer letter yesterday and now they were moving to Varanasi from Lucknow. However, Garima and her family were still in Lucknow and she wanted to study with Rakesh. Unfortunately it was not possible now due to transfer of Rakesh's father. 

"It's okay if you want to leave me and this city but don't forget to call me."
Garima urged to Rakesh.
"I will call you if I have time. I'm going to new city and will meet new people. Life is all about change. And we should accept that."
Garima was shocked and stunned after his reply.

©Nitish Tiwary.

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