Love, break up, zindgi.

"If we aren't able to understand each other, we should end our relationship." Priyanka said with tears in her eyes.

Nilesh was shocked! He had no idea what she was talking about. Nilesh and Priyanka were in relationship for more than three years. And one day Priyanka called and said that she wants to end the relationship.
They had some arguments last night at dinner. But that was not the reason behind Priyanka's sadness. They were good match, in fact a perfect one. Both were working professionals.

Since Priyanka wanted to end the relationship. Nilesh replied her with a long WhatsApp message:-
"Dear Priyanka,
I hardly managed to type this message for you. I don't know why you have decided to leave me. And I won't ask you any explanation regarding your decision. But let me tell you one thing that I love you from first day we met and will continue loving you till last day of my life.

And then beautiful love story has ended. Neither Nilesh nor Priyanka asked explanation from each other. Because they knew they still love each other. 

Sometimes we need to give a special 'tag' to our relationship and that is called 'break up'. Yes my friends this happens. And still life continues...

©Nitish Tiwary.

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  1. लेकिन मन में सवाल तो उठते ही हैं और जवाब का इंतज़ार भी होता है।

    1. बिल्कुल ठीक कहा आपने ।


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