first crush-is this love...?

people says that it is not possible for anyone to forget their first crush.This is absolutely true at least in my case.I still remember the day when i saw her for first time.The girl in the pink dress with enchanting eyes and open hair.Her attracting smile touched my soul.And every time she smiled it seemed that she is smiling only for me.I always wanted to see her,feel her.There was a special kind of feeling which was attracting me towards her.The way she talked,the way she walked,the way she dance,i used to love the every moment of her.Her sincerity,her intelligence and her mesmerising beauty will always be remember in my life as most memorable moments.
Recently i met her after long time....and ...feeling...can't be described in words..
I don't know love is blind or not but she makes me completely blind with her love.

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