feeling of being lonely.

How will you define loneliness? Most people will say,"it is the form of being single and feel alone in life."But i think its not proper way to define loneliness.If you will ask me to define it i will say,"Loneliness is about living the life freely without any fear of loosing any relation".
If you are alone,you can live the life by your way.There is no pressure on you for maintaining any relation with someone.So you don't have any tension or fear that someone will oppose your decisions or make hurdle in your life. And by the way i have heard from some people that 'akele rahoge to khush rahoge'.This is true and at the same time if you are single your life is in your control otherwise being mingle with someone means you give your control in others hand.I am not saying that don't mingle and associate with people but my single point agenda is that don't afraid of being lonely in life.
while i am writing this post a some lines comes in my mind.

"akele hain to kya hame mohabbat na hogi.
haan hame mohabbat hai... tanhai ke saath"

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  1. hhmm.. true in a way.. but being alone is not only in terms of could also be due to missing family .friends...etc.!!

  2. thank you so much for visiting my blog and your appreciation....keep visiting..


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