my college

My college name is RADHA GOVIND GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS(RGGI). i am currently pursuing MCA from this college.Each and every faculty members of this college is of supportive nature.They always ready to help students.
There are many facilities like sports,hostel,medical,spiritual,etc are available in my college.College has large infrastructure with a temple named ASTHA DHYAN KENDRA.
i am proud to be a part of RGGI.
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ये भी देखिए।

Who is real jabra Fan? Gavrav or me-My letter to Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.

शायरी संग्रह

Ishq mein pagal ho jaunga.

तेरी मोहब्बत ने शायर बना दिया।

Gazal- Ishq Mein Awara

शाहरुख खान मेरे गाँव आये थे।

चुनावी महाभारत 2019- कृष्ण कहाँ हैं? अर्जुन पुकार रहे!

सोलहवाँ सोमवार।

खुद को राजा तुम्हें रानी कहूँगा।

Ishq phir se dubaara kar liya.