Tuesday, February 26, 2013

my vision

Vision is always a long term approach to achive something.It should be well planned and organised towards goal of life.
My vision in life is that my achivements must  give me satisfection in life. I want to fulfil all my dreams and serve my family as well as society.
As i am a computer student so i also want that there will be a computer institute in my village which will provide free computer education which will be owened by me.
I also want that people appriciate my work and achivements. My dream is to esteblished a society where people will care for one another and there will be happiness and prosperiety in everyone's life. 

my mission

As far as mission is concerned i always believe that it should be focused towards a certain goal. My mission in life is to gain a position where everyone recognise me by my name,and also to acquire a height of success that would termed as landmark or great achievement.
i want to earn lots of money with honesty and dignity in my life. Being an IT professional means a lot to me.
i want to join a company where my skills and abilities are utilise with better supervision and effective motivation.
Getting success is always been a great experience for anybody this thing applies on me also.i want to be more and more successful person in my life so that where ever and when ever  i go i will not need to introduce myself. 
In abstract i want lots of love from my beloved...lots of money from this world...and lots of fame from people.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

about me

Well,i want to say that some words or sentences cannot tell about your nature and behaviour . Everyone has different opinion about things and they work accordingly.

However, in brief, if i have to describe myself then i am a person who always eager to learn new things weather about new technology,science,art,philosophy or something else.

I am currently pursuing Master degree in computer application .i like to socialite with more and more people so that i can learn different types of ideas and thoughts.

If i have to describe in one sentence then "I AM AN EMOTIONAL PERSON WITH COOL ATTITUDE"

Friday, February 22, 2013

meri mohhabat --unki bewafai

meri mohhabat --unki bewafai

ashk ke har ek boond ko moti banana chahta hoon,
dard bhare apne zakhmon ko ab hatana chahta hoon.

yeah jante hain ham ki paas nahi koi dariya,

iss ruh ke pyas ko phir bhi bujhana chahta hoon.

mahlon mein rahne wale hamare dard ko kya jaane,

iss jhopdi mein rahkar zindgi gujarna chahta hoon.

shyad hamare pyar par unko na kuchh yakin tha,

phir bhi unka harek nagma ab gungunana chahta hoon.

iss bedard si duniya mein ek unka hi toh saath tha,

jab tod diya dil mera ab bhool jana chahta hoon.

muddaton se dekha nahi chehra kisi haseen ka,

ab paas tere aakar tumhe niharna chahta hoon.

dil par zakhm aise mile rahkar saath unke,

in zakhmo par ab main marham lagana chahta hoon.

rangon ki iss bahar mein adyen teri ajeeb hai,

apni jeet ko bhi ab main haar banana chahta hoon.

ek raat unse baat huyi kuchh hamare pyar ki,

us raat bhar rone ke baad ab muskurana chahta hoon.

bhool kar unke dard ho hamne tumhara rukh kiya,

iss bewafai ke gam ko har pal mitana chahta hoon.

meri zindgi ke har ek zakhm ab bharne lage hain,

aa tujhe oo dilruba apni zindgi banana chahta hoon.
                                                                    pyar ke sath apka nitish

my pictures

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

my shayri--neend

aye neend na jane tumhe mujhse kaun si khata hai,
jo har raat mujhse door chale jate ho.
chhorkar mujhe tum yun tanha,
gairon ki bahon mein muskurate ho..

Monday, February 18, 2013

My mini project in java

hello friends i am posting some snapshot of 
 my mini project developed in java using java swing.
hope you will like it.
 don't forget to give me your views about this post and about my blog .

i am anxiously waiting for your comments.

with love-nitish

Friday, February 15, 2013

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My Gazal-tera manjar.

feb 15,2013..meerut

  Hello, friends ...lets have a look to my new gazal ..hope you will like this ..and comment please..after reading..ohh i definitely need good ones..

so here it is..

tera manzar

na khwabon mein ,na khayalo mein,
tera manzar tho hai meri ankho mein,

na jawabon mein, na sawalon mein,
tera manzar tho hai meri sanson mein.

na patjhad mein na saawan mein,
tera manzar tho tho hai meri dhadkan mein,

na judai me na ruswai mein,
tera manzar tho hai meri tanhai mein,

na dillagi mein,na ashiqi mein,
tera manzar tho hai, meri khushi mein,

na rangon mein na baharon mein,
tera manzar tho hai har tyoharon mein,

©Nitish Tiwary.