welcome back

jan 29,meerut
today after long journey i reached at meerut the place where my studies is going on .whenever i come to meerut i feel more pleased as i am  here for so long time and people of meerut always supports and helps me.january is going to end and now 4th sem has started...i am looking fowred for something good things will happen in this semester..very tired today ..take care love u all...bye..


ये भी देखिए।

Who is real jabra Fan? Gavrav or me-My letter to Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.

शायरी संग्रह

Ishq mein pagal ho jaunga.

तेरी मोहब्बत ने शायर बना दिया।

Gazal- Ishq Mein Awara

शाहरुख खान मेरे गाँव आये थे।

चुनावी महाभारत 2019- कृष्ण कहाँ हैं? अर्जुन पुकार रहे!

सोलहवाँ सोमवार।

Ishq phir se dubaara kar liya.

खुद को राजा तुम्हें रानी कहूँगा।