Who is real jabra Fan? Gavrav or me-My letter to Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.

My letter to shah rukh khan

My inspiration
Shri  Shah Rukh Khan Ji

I believe you’re enjoying your success as always. Many congratulations for FAN but I’m quite disappointed as far as collection of the movie is concern. Your work in fan is remarkable sir.

I’m writing this letter just to express my love for you. You’ve inspired millions of people around the world. I’m one of them too. I love you not because your net worth is $600 M and you are biggest superstar in world, I love you because your life has given a reason to dream for a middle class youth like me. You’ve shown us the path of success with your hard work, commitment and dedication. The way you have achieved success in your life is truly phenomenal and inspirational.

Sir, I come from a lower middle class family where talking about your dream is just like building castles in air. But somehow I’ve managed to dream big in my life. And I can say it with full pride that credit goes to you sir.

When I was a child, I used to watch your movies and I loved your every movie. My friends hate this thing as they were fan of Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. Sometimes we had a long argue and fight over liking and disliking of movie stars. And the funny part was that I always being defeated by my friends in the battle of liking and disliking. And literally I used to enjoy my defeat because I love you.  If loving you will be the reason for my defeat in the game of liking and disliking, I would love to lose that game. When you are child you enjoy watching your heroes on the screen. Same was happening with me. I used to enjoy all your movies. But my love for you was not only restricted till my childhood.

The first time I watched your movie in movie theater was Don. After watching Don this simple fan became jabra fan. Don mein aapke performance ko dekhne ke baad aapke liye mera pyar diwangee mein badal chuka tha.
Then I started watching your interviews, your lovely stage performances even your advertisements on television. People hate to watch ads during ads breaks and change channels but I never touch my T.V. remote to change the channel hoping that you will come with your dimple smile promoting any product.

I truly believe that nobody can just admire you and your work in few words or sentences. You’re the whole book in which every page is special. And I love to read all these special pages every single day. I learn from your professional as well as your personal life. The way you do things in your life is enough to inspire anyone. I love you from bottom of my heart and I really mean it.

The real fact is that why I’m your jabra fan? Why you’ve inspired me the most? How you’ve produced spark in my life for achieving success ? The two incidents happened in my life which will answer all these questions.

The first one:

Once I was watching your interview. You were present at India Today Conclave looking dashing and dapper with your beard. While answering questions of journalist you said, "whatever is the situation just do your work. Whether you are sick or it is not your day, never stop doing your work. Hard work and commitment should never stop.”  Although it was just an answer for the question asked by  journalist  but your words directly entered to my soul from the speakers of my television set. Whenever I’m sad, whenever I feel tired and whenever I’m sick, I just recall your those words. And let me tell you one thing that your words really works like panacea. I feel energetic and optimistic just because your motivational answer given that day. Thank you so very much sir for inspiring me.   

The second one:

When I created my blog, I wrote some of my personal stuffs on my blog. The very next day one of my friend said, "Hey Nitish! Why you’ve written your personal things on your blog? Who will read this? Why anyone will take interest in your personal life? Who the hell are you? Are you a famous personality? I had no answer of his questions. He was right. Who the hell I was? Just an ordinary student who trying to become extraordinary by creating blog? I was silent for ten seconds. Then all of sudden I recalled your dialogue from Chak De India and replied to my friend, "Ye sach hai ki main koi star nahi hoon jo meri personal life mein koi interest lega lekin wahi toh karna hai.”

If I talk about your movies, the top five movies which I loved most are DDLJ, Veer Zara, Chak De India, My Name is Khan and of course the recent one Fan. However it would be unfair to compare your one movie with another. All movies are superb and blessed with your amazing acting talent. Apke ek film ki doosre se tulna karna bilkula waise hi hai jaise ki aapke saamne gulab jamun, rusgulla, kaju barfi rasmalai rakha ho aur koi aapse kahe ki kaun si mithia khana pasand karenge? Are sabko ek saath khayenge bhai, ye bhi koi poochhne wali baat hai kya? After watching Chennai Express first time I realized that koi heroine aapke acting par bhari pad rahi thi. I do have great respect for Deepika and you as you both have beautiful smile with dimple but it shouldn’t  be repeated in your future movies.

Sir, I am simple and innocent person. Jo dil mein hota hai bol deta hoon aur agar koi sunne wala nahi hota toh apne jajbaat ko pennon par utaar deta hoon. Having Master degree in computer application, I have a good carrier in corporate world but I would love to be a part of Bollywood.  My dream is to just like you. It doesn’t mean that I’m comparing myself with you. There can’t be next SRK. But I want to achieve success and fame as you did. If I’ll be able to achieve 5% of your life, the purpose of my life would be successful.

Last but not the least the special poem written by me just for you :

Sapnon ko poora karna seekha hai aapse,
Ummidon ko pankh lagana seekha hai aapse,
Zindgi mein naye raag gungunana seekha hai aapse,
Behtar ko sarvshresth banaana seekha hai aapse.

Koi kahta aapko baazigar hai,
Koi kahta aapko baadshah hai,
Par dil ki baat batata hoon aapko,
Aap to mere dil ke Shahanshah hain.

Khushiyan saare jahan ki mile aapko,
Har shikhar par aapka dhwaj lahraye,
Khuda se guzarish hai meri bas itni si,
Apni zindgi mein aap sada muskurayen.


Waiting for your blessings
Your Jabra Fan
Nitish Tiwary.
Twitter- @poetnitish

Watch this for King.

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    1. बहुत ही अच्छा हैंं।मै आशा करता हूँ कि आपकी यह इच्छा पूरी हो।भाई हम भी शाहरुख के प्रशंसक हैं पर अछय कुमार का मैं शाहरुख से भी बडा़ प्रशंसक हूँ।
      शाहरुख मतलब प्यार का राजा..😀😀

  2. I 'hve same feelingS for srk sir as well. But, after reading this letter ,i think , Noone could match u,....,bhaiya... u R D Greatest jabra fan...i wish srk sir will reply soon..

    1. Thanks Shubham..i am too optimistic person. my heart says that he will reply soon..

  3. heart touching letter
    nitish bhai

  4. meri dowa hai ke srk se aap mile

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  6. Great Job Brother bauth acha likha hai Apne...

  7. Up kavi srk ke sath melo ho ,
    Fir srk kavi apko jabab diyaye ,

    1. अभी मुलाक़ात नही हुई है पर एक दिन जरूर मिलूँगा।

  8. In chennai express srk did awesome acting and other thing is what ur thoughts about srk are same as my thoughts

  9. Tiwari ji bohat hi badhiya h blog.

    1. बहुत धन्यवाद भाई।

  10. बेहतरीन समीक्षा |शानदार पोस्ट

    1. आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।


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