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welcome back

jan 29,meerut today after long journey i reached at meerut the place where my studies is going on .whenever i come to meerut i feel more pleased as i am  here for so long time and people of meerut always supports and helps me.january is going to end and now 4th sem has started...i am looking fowred for something good things will happen in this semester..very tired today ..take care love u all...bye..

First blog post.

kuchh wo anjaan the, kuchh hum preshaan the na jane kaise khwab the, na jaane kaise jawab the. na usne kuchh kaha, na hamne kuchh suna , phir bhi ham badnaam the, tab bhi wo anjaan the... Nitish.

my book

hi this brand new year i have decided to write a book...and i need your support and suggestions...the book is all about a guy who struglle in his life..through his familiy conditions..carrier ..and succces..but finaly he become succesful through his love and passsion....would you please suggest me title of the book. for now...thanks.  i am waiting for your comments..                                                                                                                                       with love . .nitish

happy new year

Hello friends wishing you very happy new year 2013..we will now comunicate  and share our comment & thoughts through this blog.

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